WAY-Plan is a service WAYNIUM

Online driver app

Stay in regular contact with your drivers, and send all details of their tasks in real-time

Updates and transmission of assignment sheets

The assignment sheets are transmitted in real-time to drivers !

Personalized welcome sign

WAY-Plan generates a welcome sign containing contact information and company logo. The sign may be pre-printed, or delivered directly to a tablet or computer.

Licensing for the authorities

Driver controls drivers are frequent: WAY-Plan displays a certificate of reservation in the driver management application for each assignment, containing all regulatory data !

SMS reminders

It is possible to set-up an SMS reminder before the start of each new assignment via his application management settings!

Time and date stamp assignments and registration of fees

The WAY-Plan mobile application memorizes mileage and hours of departure and arrival for each assignment. Your drivers can also:

  • Enter any additional costs associated with each assignment: parking, meals, tolls, other ...
  • Confirm the on-board payments by clients on board, with amount and method of payment

You can finalize your invoices in seconds as soon as the tasks are completed !

And if your drivers do not have Smartphones...

If, for whatever reason, drivers cannot use their mobile application, you can enter useful data in their place the user data from your WAY-Plan scheduler, in real-time or on a delayed basis.

Geolocalization option

WAY-Plan offers a geolocalization option, in partnership with a company recognized in this field for the quality and reliability of its equipment. Pick-up and drop-off of clients is registered by the geolocalization box installed in each vehicle, the driver uses his mobile application to capture any eventual costs and / or receipts of client payments on-board...

The scheduler can monitor in real-time the movement of its drivers, and all assignment data are preserved and made available to your passenger transport company !

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